Away Luggage Review: An Honest Look at Travel Gear


As travelers increasingly search for luggage that combines style, functionality, and durability, Away has emerged as a prominent brand dedicated to connecting people and places. With its sleek design, high-tech features, and robust construction, the brand has garnered a following of frequent fliers who rave about the travel-centric attention to detail. In this Away luggage review, we delve into the nitty-gritty of what makes these suitcases a noteworthy investment for your travel needs.

away luggage review

Away Luggage Review: First Impressions

Away has made a name for itself with a minimalist aesthetic and a variety of color options that stand out in a crowded market. As you unbox an Away suitcase, the first thing you’ll notice is the high-quality polycarbonate shell, designed to withstand the bumps and drops of travel. The brand’s signature matte texture not only adds to the elegance but also does a good job at resisting scratches.

Durability Tested: The Make of Away Luggage

In this Away luggage review, it is critical to stress the importance of durability. A suitcase must stand up to the rigors of travel, and Away seems to have taken this seriously. Their luggage features a strong polycarbonate hard shell that proves resilient during transit. The suitcases come equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock, four 360-degree spinner wheels, and a sturdy aluminum telescoping handle. These components work together to provide a stable and reliable travel companion.

A Closer Look: Storage and Organization

Storage is a significant factor in any luggage buying decision. Away’s thoughtful design includes a patented compression system and a laundry bag to keep items neat and separated. The interior is lined with a water-resistant polyester, and there are several compartments for organizing your belongings. This is especially useful for those who want to maximize packing space without compromising on organization.

away luggage review

Comfort and Mobility: Carrying Away Luggage

Ease of use is another critical aspect covered in this Away luggage review. The suitcases are remarkably lightweight, making them comfortably portable for people of all strengths and sizes. The spinner wheels glide with ease, allowing for seamless navigation through busy airports and uneven surfaces. A retractable handle locked at multiple heights adds to the comfort, proving that Away has considered travelers of varying heights in its design.

Innovation Highlight: Smart Features

Away luggage boasts optional smart features in some models, like built-in USB chargers powered by an ejectable battery that follows airline compliance rules. This feature exemplifies Away’s understanding of modern travelers’ needs, allowing them to stay connected on long trips.

Away Luggage Review: The Brand’s Warranty

Away’s confidence in its product is reflected in a limited lifetime warranty that covers damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, and other functional elements of the luggage. This comprehensive warranty offers travelers peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected.

away luggage review

Aesthetics and Options: Away Luggage Review on Style

Away has tapped into the modern traveler’s desire for personal expression through travel accessories. With a range of colors and limited-edition collaborations, there is a style to suit any traveler’s taste. This Away luggage review finds that such attention to aesthetics makes owning one of these suitcases not only a practical choice but also a style statement.

Practicality and Price: Away Luggage’s Value Proposition

While Away offers superior design and features, the price point is an important consideration for prospective buyers. Away suitcases sit at a mid to high price range, which is justified through their quality and features. Calculating the value over time, the cost becomes an investment for regular travelers who need reliable and high-performing luggage.

Users’ Perspective: Customer Reviews and Feedback

Incorporating user experiences into this Away luggage review provides a well-rounded understanding of the brand. Online customer reviews frequently highlight the durability and user-friendly design, along with positive experiences with customer service. Although some users express wish lists for additional features or sizes, the overall sentiment from travelers is that Away luggage meets and often exceeds expectations.

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Comparative Assessment: How Away Stands Against Competitors

It is beneficial to compare Away with other luggage brands in the market. Competitors may offer lower prices, but often at the sacrifice of features or quality. On the flip side, luxury brands with higher price tags don’t necessarily outperform Away in terms of functionality. This assessment positions Away as a value-driven choice for discerning travelers.

Striking the Balance: Away Luggage Review

An Away luggage review typically highlights the brand’s aesthetic and utilitarian strengths. Known for its minimalist design and practical features, Away luggage complements a modern traveler’s wardrobe, merging seamlessly with both business wear and casual outfits. It offers a balance between style and substance, enabling travelers to move with ease and sophistication.

While considering an Away piece, pairing it with Tag luggage can add a splash of color and personality to your travel collection. Tag’s unique patterns and vibrant hues can offer a contrast or complement to Away’s more subdued palette. This combination ensures your travel look is as coordinated as it is eye-catching, meeting all your style needs.

Incorporating a luggage weight scale into your packing routine is a smart move for any fashion-conscious traveler using Away luggage. This tool helps maintain the sleek silhouette of your suitcase without the bulge of overpacking, ensuring you travel with finesse and your luggage retains its chic form.

An Away luggage review becomes more enticing when you consider the potential savings from a carry on luggage sale. Keeping an eye out for these deals can score you a fabulous Away case at a fraction of the price. A timely purchase during such a sale ensures that you don’t have to compromise on style for affordability, enhancing your travel wardrobe efficiently.

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Conclusion: Final Thoughts in This Away Luggage Review

Summing up this Away luggage review, it’s evident that the brand has successfully created products that resonate with modern travelers’ needs. The luggage strikes a balance between form and function, with innovative features to facilitate seamless travel experiences. While the price may be a consideration, the value warrants the investment for those who travel frequently and prize durability, design, and ease of use. Away stands by its promise of high-quality travel gear, and for many, it has transformed the way they traverse the globe.